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for the journey

We are all travelers, moving across life’s terrain. Some move swiftly, purposefully, impelled by visions of a destination, real or imagined, to which they are whole heartedly committed. Others of us wander about, more enticed by the experiences of the journey than by where our road ends. This site is set up to offer you some fare for consumption along your way. The intent of the site is to share a vision of the interconnectedness of life, explicitly exposing patterns that link into oneness that which otherwise may go unnoticed.  It is part of the harvest that I have reaped, willingly shared, to be considered or not, as you like.

  • Mathematics and Human Values:  A set of short analogies linking mathematical principles and procedures to human values, what might be called mathematical transformations for the heart.
  • Arithmetic Patterns in an Ongoing Fulfillment of Daniel's Prophecies:  From Daniel's 70 week prophecy is extracted an arithmetic pattern that is then applied to each of the three eras (The Meridian of Time, Times of the Gentiles, and Time of the End) linking Jesus the Christ, Joseph Smith, and Sathya Sai Baba.
  • Strategies and Tactics of Problem Solving:  An overview of problem solving techniques with emphasis upon the four basic tactical families - fragmentation, specialization, transformation, approximation - and their inverses.  Most but not all of the examples are drawn out of introductory mathematics.
  • Heaven's Deep: A novella that explores one way to reconcile the geological and archaeological record with the biblical account of certain portions of the book of Genesis.


Copyrighted 2006.   This material can be freely reproduced in any form, manner, or method, either in part or in whole, for any worthwhile purpose, provided the person so doing allows others the same privilege with respect to his final production.  Thus out of this work might emerge something far better than anything envisioned by its initial author.  However,  written permission is required before utilizing any of this material in a commercial or for-profit venture.